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July 6, 2005

Mr. Mark Tsemak, President, Perestroika Products Ltd.
8626-A Joffre Avenue, Burnaby
B.C., Canada, V5J 3L5
Ph: (604) 451-0606
Fax: (604) 451-1849

Dear Mr. Tsemak,

May I without any pecuniary financial interest whatsoever congratulate you and endorse your most wholesome products. I say to you that your products are wholesome, nutritious and of benefit to any Canadian diet. For that matter your products are of benefit to anyone no matter where they might live!

You are to be commended on the healthy products with which you are involved.

Regards and may you go from strength to strength in your most admirable endeavours.

Dr. Sam Sussman, Ph.D.
President and CEO Physicians Canada
Assistant Professor (Clinical) Psychiatry University of Western Ontario, Canada
Fellow Royal Academy of Medicine (Ireland)

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